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Here is my attempt to copy my application executable to another folder changing it's name:

IF $(ConfigurationName) == Release (
    SET DESTINATION=$(ProjectDir)Output\Distribution


    XCOPY /Q /Y "$(TargetPath)" "%DESTINATION%"
    RENAME "%DESTINATION%\$(TargetFileName)" "$(TargetName).Plain$(TargetExt)"

I've tried everything to make it work, but it always throw error code 255 or 1, it depends. Running that code with a plain batch file works like a charm!

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You need to enable delayed expansion, using the SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion command. Do it at the top of the post-build event. After that, you can access your variable by using not %VARIABLE_NAME%, but !VARIABLE_NAME! (use an exclamation symbol on either side of the variable name, not the percentage symbol which you would use in a regular batch file).

So, for example

SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion
IF $(ConfigurationName) == Release (
    SET DESTINATION=$(ProjectDir)Output\Distribution
    echo My destination dir is !DESTINATION!

This will output something like

My destination dir is D:\Work\Projects\PBExample\Output\Distribution.
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