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The V8 javascript engine implements this debugger protocol. I start V8 (node.js) and I can connect through the browser to the open port (5858). What is the format of a request that needs to be send to the V8 debugger? Is is a GET or POST?

The only thing that the mentioned page says is: "each packet [...] is transmitted as a string value"

Give me please one example request made one of: curl, node.js, or the browser.

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the specification of the v8 debugger protocol is in v8/src/d8.js. You can view its source online, click here, d8.js –  Richard MA Nov 17 '13 at 20:54

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You could use node-inspector as a sample.

The relevant files should be in https://github.com/dannycoates/node-inspector/tree/master/lib

The debugger does not use HTTP. I don't know curl but you need to send your Content-length and JSON without any HTTP headers.

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This is a good idea still not the answer. I've looked into it: it opens a connection and sends a Content-Length header then the content. When I try to do (almost) the same with curl the debugger does not respond. –  Gabriel Petrovay May 21 '13 at 8:59
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I have opened this issue here to ask for help, maybe the joyent guys can spot the mistake in what I am trying to do. I will update this answer when I "get a valid response" (either from joyent or from the debugger ;) )

EDIT: I have also asked this on the node mailing list and received this relevant answer

Summary: don't expect standard (restless) HTTP request-response behavior. You would have to send/test the request using other tools (node-request/telnet). This is because the V8 debugger leaves the connection open and sends multiple responses over it.

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