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So I would like to dynamically load / change elements of the xtype objects. So for example on the logic in the initialise method I would like to load either one or the other this.down("#homeView").title.

Ext.define("APN.view.FlyoutNavigation", {
    id: "flyoutNavigationPanel",
    extend: 'Ext.ux.slidenavigation.View',
    requires: [
    config: {
        items: [
                itemId: 'nav_home',
                id: 'homeView',
                title: "theTitleThatIwantToChange"

While I'm looking at things like setHtml, or just simply assigning this variable to "" doesn't have any impact on the UI component.

So my question is how to dynamically load the variable of an object this.down("#homeView")

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To change the title you need to call setTitle() method. Can you provide a code where you try to set it?

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Sorry for a late reply, that did work. Do you want to check this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/17142028/… –  Jackie Chan Jun 18 '13 at 2:13

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