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I have dictionary table: 'kws' [kws.wrd][kws.kwid] (word and unique id) I have many to many relation in: kwds table with [kwds.kwid][kwds.linkid][kwds.weight] (keyword id*, link id*, weight), may keywords , many links, and weight of the keyword for the link page. I have links table 'lnks' with [lnks.url][lnks.txt][lnks.siteid] I also have a site table 'wss' with [wss.siteid][wss.logo][wss.serverip] My sql is for search page is:

    lnks.siteid,kwds.wg FROM lnks
      JOIN kwds ON (kwds.linkid=lnks.linkid AND kwds.wg>0) 
      JOIN kws ON (kws.kwid=kwds.kwid) 
      JOIN wss ON (wss.siteid=lnks.linkid) 
      WHERE kws.kwid IN (396,416,399) ORDER BY  kwds.wg LIMIT  0, 8

where 396,416,399 are pre-fetched keywords ids from dictionary table for 3 variant words criteria. The query does not order by weight. What I am doing wrong.

the real query can be seen at code.google.com/p/mitza at the demo link... 209.* The tables I am using can be seen at same location in sources tab bin sql

Thank you.

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Could you set up a demo of what is not working at SQLfiddle? –  Joachim Isaksson May 21 '13 at 4:41
Looks I forgot the DESC. SELECT DISTINCT(lnks.linkid),wss.name,wss.logo,wss.srvip,lnks.linkid,lnks.title,lnks.ds‌​c,lnks.name,lnks.url,lnks.txt,lnks.siteid,KW.wg FROM lnks JOIN kwds AS KW ON (KW.linkid=lnks.linkid AND KW.wg>0) JOIN kws ON (kws.kwid=KW.kwid) JOIN wss ON (wss.siteid=lnks.linkid) WHERE KW.kwid IN ( 62,113,117) ORDER BY KW.wg DESC LIMIT 0, 8 –  user2195463 May 23 '13 at 17:03

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