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I need to export a Google chart into PDF file. But in forum says that, There is no way to directly export the charts as a PDF, but we can convert them to png images and import the image files into a PDF. So I converted svg format (google chart format) into png format.

My question is : Can I export this png image (streaming) directly into PDF with out saving in a physical path? If yes how it implement.

My language is java and java script as client side.

I searched many questions in this but doesn't get solution match for my issue

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Are you using iText library? They have exampes how to add image on page. And even they use .jpg, nevertheless, I think you can change it for .png.

P.S. I'm looking this issue to. Changing chart to image and then set it in PDF - is the first way, but as I understand, there is another one - using HTML to convert it to pdf. So, now I'm trying to create html with charts, which will be converted in pdf format.

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we cannot export google chart api by using iText. I already converted chart into png format, in js side there is code like var htmlString ='<html><body>Hello world</body></html>'; var doc = new jsPDF(); doc.fromHTML(htmlString,100,100,{}); doc.output('datauri'); but by using this an error occur like "jsPDFAPI is undefined". I already include js file jspdf.js,jspdf.plugin.addimage.js,jspdf.plugin.from_html.js :( –  Kitezzz May 22 '13 at 10:02
Yes, we cannot export google chart api using iText, but you say you've already converted it to .png. So, Can you add it to your html? And I use example to convert HTML to pdf from here which use iText+XMLWorker. Are your try it? –  Kaha May 22 '13 at 10:32
how to send the image stream into java? –  Kitezzz May 23 '13 at 3:47
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