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I have a program which reads a file line by line and gets data when a pattern is matched.
currently it extracts patterns like
function abc (int a, int b)
but i have some functions like
function xyz (int a, \n
int b)

which it doesn't match due to file being read line by line.

Is it possible to read the file in some better way or should i use the obvious technique of getting multiple lines.

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You'll need to read multiple lines in at once. If the file isn't too large you can just slurp the entire file in (e.g. http://www.perl.com/pub/2003/11/21/slurp.html) and then use a single line regex (use the s option e.g. /stuff.next line/s).

*edit*Example for multiple matches* The g option allows you to get all the matches. One sample usage is in a while loop, where each time you evaluate the regex you get the next match. See Perl iterate through each match for more details and examples.


edit fixed error

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ok so if i run my regex on the entire file wont it return only the first match each time i run it, or am i missing something? –  Venkat May 21 '13 at 5:42
You can use your regex in a loop with the g option to get all matches. I'll edit my answer to add an example. –  Sysyphus May 21 '13 at 5:44
Whats the best way to do the same if it was a large file? –  Anand Oct 31 at 4:39
@Anand You're better off creating your own question instead of commenting on other people's, you'll get much more visibility. Also, there are multiple approaches depending on your requirements. –  Sysyphus Nov 2 at 4:44

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