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Uncaught Error: Unable to parse bindings. Message: ReferenceError: value is not defined; Bindings value: text: value.

Here's my code

    ko.applyBindings(new AppViewModel(myObject.storeRows),document.getElementById("addNewUpdateForm"));
           $("#abc").live('click',function() {
        url: "request.json",
        //GET method is used
        type: "post",
        //pass the data
        data: data,
        dataType: 'json',
        success : function(response) {
            function viewModelSku()  {
                self = this;
                this.skuData = skuData;
            var skuData = response.Rows;
            ko.applyBindings(viewModelSku(), document.getElementById("Row"));
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dont use live(), use on(). before it read the… – wm.p1us May 21 '13 at 6:19

The error is in your view. You are binding to value whereas apparently this property does not exist in viewModelSku. Perhaps you want to bind to skuData.value inside your view (if that is property on skuData)

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