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I am new to Ruboto gem. I am currently working on android with Ruboto. I know android. I have installed the all requirements for Rubuto. I try to created the sample project using following command,

$ ruboto gen app --package org.sample.rubotoapp --target android-17

Output: Android SDK not in path
/bin/sh: android: not found

Please anybody can solve my problem. Thanks....

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It looks like the Android SDK tools directory is not in your path. If you check you path variable with

echo $PATH

it will probably not contain the Android SDK tools directory. Also, you can check if the "android" command is in your path using

which android

You will probably get an empty response.

If you use Ruboto 0.12.0, you should be able to use

ruboto setup

to configure your environment. Recently, in Android SDK r22, the path to the build tools was changed. This will break your setup, and you will have to add

<android sdk location>/build-tools/17.0.0

to your path manually. This is fixed for Ruboto 0.13.0 which will be released in june.

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