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I am able to achieve the same with qgraph with the below code. however i would like to do the same using igraph and display the images as node icons dynamically using igraph so that i can have better control of each vertex.

img<-c    ("imagepath/1.jpg","imagepath/2.jpg","imagepath/3.jpg","imagepath/4.jpg","imagepath/5.jpg","imagepath/6.jpg" )
demo_adj <- data.frame(from=c(1,2,'B','X','Y','A'),to=c('A','B','A','Y','1','Y'))

I am guessing i should be able to color each edges based on certain condition. Any suggestion on the above shall be helpful

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You can use vertex.shape="raster option of plot.igraph function.

## here you should give your real path
ll <- list.files(PATH_TO_IMAGES,pattern='.*jpg',full.names=TRUE)
rasters <- lapply(ll,readJPEG)
## create the graph
gg <- graph.data.frame(demo_adj)
## set raster attribute
V(gg)$raster <- rasters[1:length(V(gg))]
plot(gg, layout=layout.star, vertex.shape="raster",
     vertex.label=V(gg)$name, margin=.2,
     vertex.size=50, vertex.size2=50,
     vertex.label.dist=2, vertex.label.degree=0)

enter image description here


To add pictures names as vertex labels , you can do something like:

ll.names <-  list.files(PATH_TO_IMAGES,pattern='.*jpg')
ll.names <- gsub('[.].*','',ll.names)
V(gg)$name <- ll.names[1:length(V(gg))]
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Thanks for the code, It is working really very well. Will you please enhnance me this >> with one more field in the demo_adj with image name. and that image should represent corresponding to that node. So that the sequence of read image doesn't bother of its related node –  user_az May 21 '13 at 8:53
@user2381104 you can see my edit. –  agstudy May 21 '13 at 9:46
thanks for all the replies, and this is really very helpful to me, –  user_az May 31 '13 at 17:20

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