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I'm using solr and search on distributed lucene indices over network. I send queries from arbiter to searchers (solr) and then get the result.

Some of queries take a lot of time (more than a minute) to be finished on searchers and slow down the search for other queries.

How can I set a timeout for solr so that if a query takes more than a specified time, it cancels the search?

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setTimeAllowed function does it!

public SolrQuery setTimeAllowed(Integer milliseconds)

Set the maximum time allowed for this query. If the query takes more time than the specified milliseconds, a timeout occurs and partial (or no) results may be returned. If given Integer is null, then this parameter is removed from the request

milliseconds - the time in milliseconds allowed for this query
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Cool .. seems a new add. Also the partial results seems to be odd. But as long as it cut a request its nice. – Jayendra May 21 '13 at 10:29

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