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So, I'm working on my first website with Twitter Bootstrap. Works great. Now I'm trying to get the website responsive. When I make the screen smaller(Too simulate a mobile phone screen), the logo gets bigger and bigger, until it gets too the smallest page size(I geuss?), then it jumps too a smaller size and it stays there.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? I want it too stay the same size... HTML:

<div id="header" class="container">
        <img id="logo" class="span2 offset1" src="img/logo.png" title="Hostellerie De Hamert">
        <h1 id="deHamert" class="text-center span6">Hostellerie De Hamert</h1>

CSS:#logo{ background-color: transparent; max-width: none; } And of course, bootstrap integrated.

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You set the "span2" class on the image element. When using Bootstraps responsive library all "spans" will stack on top of each other instead of float from a certain screen width. I suggest you simply set the width and height of #logo to a static value.

Try removing the width: 100px; height: 100px to see what happens without these static values.

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Thanks for that. This worked! – Thomas May 21 '13 at 8:13

maybe you should try class='container-fluid'.

refer here:

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