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Using the below Python scripts i can able to create html file by already set the variables(a,b,c,d) as global.I want to run the script dynamically, even also i don't set some variables as globally ,for eg: if we didn't set the value of "a" as global it throwing error "global 'a' is not defined".So please let me know any python scripts for dynamically taking the values and convert them in to html table.

import HTML
import html2 
from html2 import *
#print a
#print b
file = open('out.html', 'w') 
table_data = [
['S.No',   'Testcase - ID',   'Result'],
['1',       a,         b],
['2',       c,         d],

htmlcode = HTML.table(table_data)
print htmlcode
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Taking the values from where? – Dek Dekku May 21 '13 at 8:25
It is in seperate file html2, so we give import html2. – Anub May 21 '13 at 10:19

table_data needs a, b, etc. to be defined. It incorporates their values into a new global.

This has otherwise nothing to do with HTML.table(); your table_data list cannot be defined as it currently stands without a and b being defined as well.

If you want a, b, c and d used as parameters from another module, you need to make this a function:

def create_table(a, b, c, d):
    table_data = [
    ['S.No',   'Testcase - ID',   'Result'],
    ['1',       a,         b],
    ['2',       c,         d],

    return HTML.table(table_data)

Now you can call create_table() with different parameters.

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Thanks Martijin for your reply, but we using this script to get the final output as HTML file, so we take regular expression and store the variables as output and again declare that variable as global then call the variable in html Scripts here we set, a-TC-01 ,b-Passed,c-TC-02,d- Passed: but if we didnt run Testcase 1 we cannot able to take the output and store the variable in 'a' and 'b'on that case it throwing error "global a is not defined" so please let me know any python scripts to take the values dynamically. – Anub May 21 '13 at 8:29

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