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I'm trying to extend membershipProvider to use my own table. I did a new asp.net mvc 4 site, extend memberShipProvider and added my customProvider in web.config under System.web

Now when i'm running the app, i've this issue:

 Erreur de configuration
Description : Une erreur s'est produite lors du traitement d'un fichier de        configuration requis pour répondre à cette demande. Veuillez consulter ci-dessous les     détails relatifs à l'erreur en question, puis modifier votre fichier de configuration de manière appropriée.

Message d'erreur de l'analyseur: Cette méthode ne peut pas être appelée lors de la phase d'initialisation de pré-démarrage de l'application.

Erreur source:

Ligne 34 :       <providers>
Ligne 35 :         <clear/>
Ligne 36 :         <add name="CustomMemberProvider" type="erp.DAL.Connection.CustomMemberProvider" />
Ligne 37 :       </providers>
Ligne 38 : </membership>

Fichier source : E:\developpement vs\erp\erp\web.config    Ligne : 36

In extending membershipprovider, i could use the AccountController and the views already created at the start of the new project MVC4? Do you have a solution and a good tutorial to use it in mvc4


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If you wrote a custom membership provider try adding the following to your web.config to disable the simple membership provider:

    <add key="enableSimpleMembership" value="false"/>

Also you might need to specify the name of your provider as being the default one:

<providers defaultProvider="CustomMemberProvider">
    <add name="CustomMemberProvider" type="erp.DAL.Connection.CustomMemberProvider" />
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So i need to add appSettings in web.config? under the default provider in System.web : After this, do i have to rewrite AccountController and the views generated a the begining of the app? thanks for your help –  user1898765 May 21 '13 at 11:40
You shouldn't need the app setting if you don't call WebSecurity.InitializeDatabaseConnection, as the default implementation uses whatever membership is configured unless the initialize method is called. –  Erik Funkenbusch May 21 '13 at 16:47

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