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my concern is to find a well fitting framework for developing a cross mobile platform app via phonegap. I am using JQMobile for the User interface.

I want to build my Application well structured and modular. That means i want to keep it very well capsulated.

I know Backbone.js , Underscore.js , handlebar.js , Mustache.js.... and many more.

I am wondering what could be the best method of structuring my apps architecture?! Moreover: Are there big dependencies which result from using those frameworks? Which framework is giving me the BEST expandability and performance Boosts?

Iam asking because i hope someone can give me a hint. That would save much time.



EDIT: USEFUL Information for readers.

My final decision is based on "http://coenraets.org/blog/phonegap-tutorial/". This is a Tutorial about developing a Phonegap Application. Christophe Coenraets is a Technical Evangelist from Adobe. He gives many advices how to develop Phonegap applications with good performance. The link directs you to a really nice Tutorial for Routing between Views, Css Scrolling with Phonegap and many architectural information more. There is also a 60 minute presentation about Performance / Architecture and more similiar stuff. I am using handlebars.js for HTML templating, fastclick.js to simulate "touch" for "click" for more performance and Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework for the responsive Design.

Anyway thx for your answers!

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First lets make something clear. Whatever you use, you will not gain performance boost. Even worse, there's a good chance your performances will be lower.

But what you will get is usability and readability + more functional code than it is the case with pure jQuery + jQuery Mobile.

The most commonly used combination is jQuery Mobile + Backbone + Require.js. From my experience, it is also the best one. Unfortunately, in the end, I think you will be disappointed. While this is an excellent combination, jQuery Mobile applications are usually slugish on Phonegap. So think about it.

I have several other articles discussing similar topic so take a look:

Switching from Jquery Mobile to AppFramework

Which mobile development open source Framework should I use?

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but jQuery Mobile has problem with fixed header and footer on phonegap, isn't it? – ANonmous Change May 21 '13 at 10:47
Only oldest Android versions are affected by this problem. It can be solved up to the point if header or footer is replaced with native navbar plugin for Phonegap. – Gajotres May 21 '13 at 10:50
+1 for the informative answer and the comment above. – Ahmad Alfy May 21 '13 at 10:56
another +1 for the navbar comment! – whodeee May 22 '13 at 21:36

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