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I have put this in my .htaccess file, but it only works on localhost:

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
   SetEnvIf Origin "http(s)?://(www\.)?(localhost|mydomain.com)$" AccessControlAllowOrigin=$0$1
   Header add Access-Control-Allow-Origin %{AccessControlAllowOrigin}e env=AccessControlAllowOrigin

I have both on my localhost and on server mod_headers enabled.

I get the following error:

Origin http://mydomain.com is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin, is the response by ajax

Any help?

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Have you looked at the HTTP response to see what is being returned in that case? –  cbuckley May 21 '13 at 9:10
Thanks for your comment. They are red, so probably it's a 500 error code. Chrome console says no data availablle from response –  giuseppe May 21 '13 at 9:26
Ah yes, that would be a problem. You could try routing through Charles Proxy to see the actual HTTP response. –  cbuckley May 21 '13 at 10:06
AllowOverride All? –  Pazi ツ May 21 '13 at 11:59
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1 Answer

On Server, simply issue

 //header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *");
 header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: mydomain.com");

Enable CORS

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as said I need a solution working both on localhost and on domain, and I have already tried unfortunately this solution , but it doesn't work –  giuseppe May 21 '13 at 9:21
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