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I have a simple 404 redirect in a .htaccess file which works fine for Http requests:-

ErrorDocument 404 /apps/handle_error.php

The handle_error.php returns an appropriate PNG image depending on the URL path. However, when I replace the request with Https, it returns the default 404 error page and never does the redirect.

I know my SSL certificate is installed correctly as I get valid content returned for normal static pages. Is there something I am missing in my htaccess file regarding 404 error redirects for Https requests?

(A similar question was asked here but with no clear resolution)

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After much soul searching I found the answer, for my specific case anyway. My Apache2, mod_ssl and mod_rewrite was not configured correctly to work together. The default AllowOverride setting in my SSL config was set to "None" and mod_rewrite requires a minimum of AllowOverride of "FileInfo".

(To be fair, I got my answer from ServerFault)

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