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I have a simpleType defined in one namespace.

I will use this simpleType in another namespace. So far ok. But JaxB generate the simpleType in every package with use it. I expected and need only one global simpleType definition.

Example: common.xsd (here is me simpleType) -> package.common.MyEnum account.xsd -> package.account.SomeMeComplexType + package.account.MyEnum

I would like: common.xsd -> package.common.MyEnum account.xsd -> package.account.SomeMeComplexType + reference to package.common.MyEnum


<xs:simpleType name="barringScope">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:long">
        <xs:enumeration value="1"/>
        <xs:enumeration value="2"/>
        <xs:enumeration value="3"/>


<jxb:bindings version="2.1" xmlns:jxb="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/jaxb" xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
  <jxb:bindings schemaLocation="common.xsd">
      <jxb:bindings node="xsd:simpleType[@name='barringScope']">
               <jxb:typesafeEnumMember value="1" name="one"/>
               <jxb:typesafeEnumMember value="2" name="two"/>
               <jxb:typesafeEnumMember value="3" name="three"/>
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