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My code works when the format is html.


public function partOrder()
    $mailer =JFactory::getMailer();
    $config =JFactory::getConfig();

    $body="Some html message";

        $mailer->Encoding = 'base64';
    $send =$mailer->Send();
    if ( $send !== true ) {
     $respond= 'Error sending email: ' . $send->message;
    } else {
        $respond= 'Mail sent';

    echo $respond;



When I use same function on controller for json format I get the "Mail Sent" message. But Mail doesn't reach to recipient;

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I don't think there's anything wrong with your function.

However, I noticed that Gmail is quite picky when it comes which emails come trough to inbox:

  1. All Global Configuration > Server > Mail Settings must be filled in and valid.
  2. These settings have to be used for JMail configuration

// Initialize some variables
$app            = JFactory::getApplication();
$mailer         = JFactory::getMailer();

// Get mailer configuration
$mailfrom       = $app->getCfg('mailfrom');
$fromname       = $app->getCfg('fromname');
$sitename       = $app->getCfg('sitename');

// Clean the email data
$contact_to     = JMailHelper::cleanAddress( $data['contact_to'] );
$subject        = JMailHelper::cleanSubject( $data['contact_subject'] );
$body           = JMailHelper::cleanBody(    $data['contact_message'] );
$reply_to_email = JMailHelper::cleanAddress( $data['contact_reply_to'] );
$reply_to_name  = JMailHelper::cleanLine(    $data['contact_reply_to_name'] );

// Construct mailer
    ->addReplyTo(array($reply_to_email, $reply_to_name))
    ->setSender(array($mailfrom, $fromname))
    ->setSubject($sitename . ': ' . $subject)

// Send email
$sent          = $mailer->Send();
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But my code works for html format and I tried other email recipients. All of them work. But whenever I copy and paste this function to controllername.json.php file for json format with same settings, emails don't reach to recipients. I get the message "Mail Sent" succesfully . I think something doesn't work when format is json. – UfkaYolcu May 21 '13 at 14:02
I've got an idea. Since you are using a json controller, I assume it's being executed via ajax. Maybe you are not populating email fields correctly (ie. email is sent to 'somerecipient@somerecipent.com')? Try outputing input and compare to real ones. – piotr_cz May 22 '13 at 11:44

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