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I have data look like this

id    rel    word

1     A     word A
2     B     word B
3     B     word C

to get the data my controller look like this :

public function get_new()
return View::make('form.new')
    ->with('datas', Data::all());

and my View will look like this :

@foreach($datas as $data)
<option value="{{ $data->id }}" rel="{{ $data->rel }}">{{ $data->word }}</option>

How i can get that data with Form::select ?

If we use Form::select we can call that with Data::lists('word','id') and pass to the view. but if i use this i just can get 2 data that is id and word.

how can i get all data that is id, rel and word with Form::select. Please help me.

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What you're doing already makes sense. Form::select() is designed to give you a very simple output. If you find yourself doing this a lot you could always write your own function to produce this output. –  Phill Sparks May 21 '13 at 10:20
Thank you for the explaination, so, maybe i must create the helper function for this. –  user2194246 May 22 '13 at 4:50

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Laravel 4s FormBuilder and HtmlBuilder aren't going to produce everything for everyone. Taylor himself has said that he wants to keep it lean and simple. The solution you have now is probably the best way you could go about it (using a simple loop).

Form::select isn't capable of automatically populating other attributes of the option element. If you want this functionality you're going to either have to make yourself a custom macro or write your own form generator.

Probably not the answer you're after but that pretty much sums it up.

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Thank you for the explanation, i will try to make like your suggest –  user2194246 May 22 '13 at 4:52

Just want to update the solution...

<select name="name" id="name">
@foreach($datas as $data)
<option value="{{ $data->id }}" {{ (Input::old('name', 0) === $data->id ? ' selected="selected"' : '') }} rel="{{ $data->rel }}">{{ $data->word }}</option>

This will give old input on selected option

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