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I want to use Redis basically like this, if it (hypothetically) accepted SQL:

SELECT id, data, processing_due FROM qtable WHERE processing_due < NOW()

where processing_due is an integer timestamp of some sort.

The idea is then to also remove completed "jobs" with something like:

DELETE from qtable WHERE id = $someid

Which Redis commands would I use on the producing ("insert") and consuming ("select, delete from") end?

I find that Redis can be used as a queue, but I don't want the answers in strictly the order they were inserted, but rather based on if "now" is past processing_due.

I imagine this is almost the same problem as a leaderboard?

(I try to wrap my head around how Redis works and it looks simple enough from the documentation, but I just don't get it.)

Would a decent solution be to do ZADD qtable <timestamp> <UUID> and then use the UUID as a key to store the (json) value under it?

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You can use a Sorted Set, in which the score is your time (an integer as you've suggested), and then you query using ZRANGEBYSCORE. Each member would be a Json representation of your "fields". For example: {id:"1",data:"bla",processing_due:"3198382"}

Regarding delete, just use ZREM when you find the relevant member to delete. pass your Json string as a parameter and you're OK.

A possibly better variant would be to just hold generated IDs as your member, and in a separate String-type key save pairs of your IDs along with the Json representation of your data. Just remember to maintain the two structs in sync.

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Aha, this is another thing I found confusing. Is it considered good practice in REDIS land to delete based on value? (Not key as usually done in SQL.) Edit: thanks! This is just what I figured out on my own while writing the original question. But it felt so alien, I couldn't believe this was the correct way to do it. You confirming this "pattern" is a great help, thanks. – Prof. Falken May 21 '13 at 11:14
You actually delete based on a key, but your "key" here is essentially a "member" of the Sorted Set, not to be confused with a real redis "key" which is one string that represents your whole struct (be it a simple string, set, sorted set, hash or list) – Ofer Zelig May 21 '13 at 11:17
Ah, cool. +1 on your comment, it might help also others in the future. In my case, the JSON document is small, so I will not use the double structure and id approach. – Prof. Falken May 21 '13 at 11:18
So to confirm, I'd use SADD qtable '{id:"1",data:"bla",processing_due:"3198382"}' then ZRANGEBYSCORE qtable 0 3223335 WITHSCORES and last ZREM qtable '{id:"1",data:"bla",processing_due:"3198382"}' ? – Prof. Falken May 21 '13 at 11:27
Exactly (for both your comments, i.e. you must set the score of course in ZADD) – Ofer Zelig May 21 '13 at 12:19

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