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Here I have


initally Am showing only 10 li's, but when user comes to 10th page i need to hide visible 10 li's and show next 10 li's and should also work in vice versa using jquery ... Like pagination in google ..

I have tried with below code :

var currentIndex = $("div#pagination ul").children('li:visible').eq(-2).index(); 
var nextIndex = currentIndex + 10; 
$("div#pagination ul li:not(':first'):not(':last')").hide(); 
$('div#pagination ul li:lt(' + nextIndex + '):gt(' + currentIndex + ')').show(); 

first & last li is prev & next buttons, so i need show and hide between these buttons

Thanks ...

Solution : Not very effective but works ...

Solution :

var e = currentPage,r=lastPage;

if(e >= 10 && e<20)
    $("div#pagination ul li:not(':first'):not(':last')").hide();
    $("div#pagination ul li:lt(21):gt(9)").show();
else if(e >=20)
    $("div#pagination ul li:not(':first'):not(':last')").hide();
    $("div#pagination ul li:lt("+(r+1)+"):gt(19)").show();
    $("div#pagination ul li:not(':first'):not(':last')").hide();
    $("div#pagination ul li:lt(11):gt(0)").show();
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