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We have developed an information management system for schools using oracle (forms 6i and 10g) now we want to develop a mechanism through which clients will be charged on monthly basics. and if monthly payment is not made we can stop application from our end, because we are dealing with more than 100 clients, so it should be a web based control system, or any other suitable solution?

What we have already discussed is that we can place a database on a website with a table having following columns:

  1. client name/ID
  2. Month Paid

And every time client log into system, application will connect with website and check MONTH_PAID field and if not found for current month for that client, it will close the application giving a message.

any suggestions ?

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Do they log on with the client name /id ? If so, you can't just check in the pre-form of the first application and if license is not valid raise error. Or do they don't need to log on? –  nightfox79 May 22 '13 at 20:47
First of all so sorry for being so late. What I need is that when user log on to oracle application, its log on detail will be used by application to further log on to website and then verify his license. And depending on this result oracle application should behave accordingly. –  user1115284 May 29 '13 at 21:32

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