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I'm having trouble creating attributes for products using Woocommerce. For example I have products that have different color. So the main attribute is Color and the Variables would be Red, Orange and Purple.

I have tried the following but I am unable to set it.

wp_set_object_terms( 165, 'Color', 'pa_colour' );
wp_set_object_terms( 165, Array("Red", "Orange", "Purple"), 'pa_colour' );

How do I create the attributes first and link them to the product? Is there any simple way to first create the attribute then create the variables to link to product?

Update: I've been able to do some research and able to create the attribute.

    $wpdb->prefix . 'woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies',
        'attribute_label'   => $data['attributelabel'],
        'attribute_name'    => $data['attributename'],
        'attribute_type'    => $data['attributetype'],
        'attribute_orderby' => $data['attributeorder'],

However, when I tried the following code:

wp_set_object_terms (165, 'variable', 'product_type');
wp_set_object_terms( 165, Array("ta", "tb"), 'pa_testing' );

I check the backend I see the product is linked to the attribute however the textbox for the values are missing. I am not able to even enter the variation page for the product.

Anyone have any idea?

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