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I'm writing my custom FormBuilder, and I don't understand why the output of method below

def submit(label = "Save changes", *args)
  options = args.extract_options!
  new_class = options[:class] || "btn btn-small btn-success"
  @template.content_tag(:div, :class => "form-actions left") do
    @template.content_tag(:button, :class => new_class, :name => 'commit', :type => 'submit', :value => label) do
      @template.content_tag(:i, :class => 'icon-arrow-right icon-on-right')


<div class="form-actions left">
    <button class="btn btn-small btn-success" name="commit" type="submit" value="Salvar">
         <i>{:class=&gt;&quot;icon-arrow-right icon-on-right&quot;}

especially the "i" tag. How can I fix it? Thanks.

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So if content_tag gets a block, the block result will be used as content of the tag. Without a block, the second parameter is the content. What you probably want is

@template.content_tag(:i, nil, :class => 'icon-arrow-right icon-on-right')
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