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When inserting values into a database, and the datatype is a Number, does the Number need to be in quotation marks:

Here is the Object code:

create type ComputerFile_objtyp as Object (
ComputerFileNo NUMBER,
Comp_ref REF Computer_objtyp,
ComputerFileName varchar2(50),
ComputerFileSize NUMBER

Here is the insert code:

INSERT INTO ComputerFile_objtab
SELECT 1, REF(Cobj), 'C:\App1\app1.exe', 1000
FROM Computer_objtab Cobj
Where Cobj.CompNo = 1;

Does the code above work, or does it need to be this:

INSERT INTO ComputerFile_objtab
SELECT 1, REF(Cobj), 'C:\App1\app1.exe', '1000'
FROM Computer_objtab Cobj
Where Cobj.CompNo = 1;

(I am referring to the 'ComputerFileSize NUMBER' attribute)

I cannot actually test this out as my database is not running at the moment.

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Well just wait until your database is available. Or user another database. Or look for examples online. – Mat May 21 '13 at 11:31
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No, numbers should not be put between quotes in Oracle.

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