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I have a whole lot of html files that live in one folder. I need to convert these to markdown I found a couple gems out there that does this great one by one. my question is... How can I loop though each file in the folder and run the command to convert these to md on a separate folder.



root = 'C:/Doc'
inDir =  File.join(root, '/input')
outDir =  File.join(root, '/output')
extension = nil
fileName = nil

Dir.foreach(inDir) do |file|
 # Dir.foreach will always show current and parent directories
 if file == '.' or item == '..' then

 # makes sure the current iteration is not a sub directory
 if not then
  extension = File.extname(file)
  fileName = File.basename(file, extension)

 # strips off the last string if it contains a period
 if fileName[fileName.length - 1] == "." then
  fileName = fileName[0..-1]

 # this is where I got stuck
 reverse_markdown File.join(inDir, fileName, '.html') > File.join(outDir, fileName, '.md')
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This is a question about iteration and loops. Have you taken a look at what Ruby's built in classes Dir and File could do for you? The best answer will take account of how your files are structured, as well as any possible limitations in your gems (name them please). Put together a first attempt in your question, and we're good to go! – Neil Slater May 21 '13 at 12:22

Dir.glob(directory) {|f| ... } will loop through all files inside a directory. For example using the Redcarpet library you could do something like this:

require 'redcarpet'

markdown =, :autolink => true)

Dir.glob('*.md') do |in_filename|
  out_filename = File.join(File.dirname(in_filename), "#{File.basename(in_filename,'.*')}.html"), 'r') do |in_file|, 'w') do |out_file|
      out_file.write markdown.render(
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