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I'm new to jmeter.
I'm trying to test a web app using proxy server.
I have gone through the jmeter docs and got the settings but I'm currently working under company proxy.

So how can I set the proxy server for jmeter from behind the current proxy?

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Read :

If you are testing from behind a firewall/proxy server, you may need to provide JMeter with the firewall/proxy server hostname and port number. To do so, run the jmeter.bat/jmeter file from a command line with the following parameters: -H [proxy server hostname or ip address] -P [proxy server port] -N [nonproxy hosts] (e.g. *|localhost) -u [username for proxy authentication - if required] -a [password for proxy authentication - if required] Example : jmeter -H my.proxy.server -P 8000 -u username -a password -N localhost Alternatively, you can use --proxyHost, --proxyPort, --username, and --password

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