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Is there a way to disable Chormium's shortcut keys in Linux? I've tried the --app and --kiosk flags but they don't disable the shortcuts, you can still create a new (though unusable) tab with Ctrl+T and can create a new (fully functional) window with Ctrl+N. Also, Chromium appears to do it's own check for Alt+F4 because even though I have it disabled in the window manager it will close Chromium. How do I disable all the shortcuts within Chromium? Window manager is matchbox, started with xorg + nodm (the default lightdm+openbox system didn't allow me to auto-restart the session or get rid of Alt+Tab).

This is for an embedded system using node.js in the background to handle hardware io, but it will need a network connection to function so I want to ensure users are locked out of the browsers (the various Ctrl+Alt+F* shortcuts have already been removed, Chromium is all that remains in making it a real kiosk system). Alt+F4 isn't a major concern (though it would be really nice to get rid of) because when Chromium crashes nodm will automatically restart it and it handles the Alt+F4 somewhat reasonably (black screen, flashing white, then it's back up - it's not a security concern just a severely ugly "feature" people might stumble accross).

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I don't think chromium has an inbuilt interface for disabling os keyboard shortcuts like ALT+f4, but what you could do is intercept those key-presses with javascript and that should be enough to stop the key-presses from working.

To enable such a script on all your pages, you'd need something like greasemonkey, which chromium has a support for out of the box, you can read about it here.

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Disabling via script isn't enough (browsers have hotkeys for context menus with things like ctrl+right-click, the script doesn't stop events during page load, etc) - I ended up going with a custom build of midori. –  CoryG May 24 '13 at 14:56

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