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I have next situation. I have two mongodb instances on different servers. For example

Mongodb instance on server "one" (host1:27017) with database: "test1"
Mongodb instance on server "two" (host2:27017) with database: "test2"

Now, i need to synchronize "test1" database from "host1:27017" with "test2" from "host2:27017".

under "synchronize" i mean next:

  1. If some collection from "test1" database doesn't exist in "test2" then this collection should be full copied in "test1" database.

  2. If some record from collection doesn't exist in "test2" database, then must be added otherwise updated. If record not exist in A collection in "test1" database, but exist in A collection in "test2" database, then record must be deleted from "test2".

By the way here is problem. For example: "test1" database has collection "A" with next documents:

 _id: "1",
 name: "some name"

"test2" database has collection "A" with next documents:

 _id: "1",
 name: "some name"

 _id: "2",
 name: "some name2"

If I perform db.copyDatabase('test1', 'test2', "host2:27017") i get error: "errmsg" : "exception: E11000 duplicate key error index: test1.A.$_id_ dup key: { : \"1\" }"

same to cloneDatabase command. How i can resolve it ?

In general what are the ways to synchronize databases? I know what the simplest way is just copy files from one server to second, but maybe there are better ways.

Please help. I'm newcomer in mongo. Thanks.

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There are a fair amount of questions about this subject alone on here if you search around a little, i.e.:… – Sammaye May 21 '13 at 13:56
Why don't you dump the database on host1, tar+scp the data to the other host and do a dbrestore? Or you set up a replication set (remember to include an arbiter), and let mongodb take care of replication? – Sgoettschkes May 21 '13 at 13:59
how are things being updated in mongoDB? Are there writes going to test1 and test2 is just a copy? – Asya Kamsky May 21 '13 at 14:10
I just want sync data between different instances. In my case test1 is how master and test2 as slave, i want to have equivalence data in test1 and test2 – user1932034 May 21 '13 at 14:29
Sounds like you want a replica set when you say master and slave – Sammaye May 21 '13 at 14:58

I haven't tried this, but the current MongoDB documents describe a replication set equivalent to master-slave replication:

Deploy Master-Slave Equivalent using Replica Sets

If you want a replication configuration that resembles master-slave replication, using replica sets, consider the following replica configuration document. In this deployment hosts and 1 provide replication that is roughly equivalent to a two-instance master-slave deployment:

   _id : 'setName',
   members : [
              { _id : 0, host : "<master>", priority : 1 },
              { _id : 1, host : "<slave>", priority : 0, votes : 0 }

See Replica Set Configuration for more information about replica set configurations.

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