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I am developing a geo application, that uses neo4j as the (graph) database. The clients will be Android and iOS devices.

I need a way to communicate the device positions to a server, and get from the server some coordinates; so i thought i would implement the communication between the devices and the server via a HTTP server.

Is jetty a good solution?Should i be aware of any limitations/good practices?I might need to scale the whole app later on, as we expect heavy traffic, and each client sends almost 2 kb of data, every minute.

Also, what are some good reads for scaling with jetty and neo4j?

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There are several good articles that describe the servers from all of the sides. Have a look:

https://www.webtide.com/choose/jetty.jsp - jetty

http://osgeo-org.1560.x6.nabble.com/Tomcat-or-Jetty-td5040589.html - thread about jetty and tomcat comparison.

Actually, jetty will fill your requirements.

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