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I have a KML file with multiple placemarks, example below:


Using the Earth plugin I can turn populate an array with the placemarks :

if ('getFeatures' in top.mykml) {  
var firstChild = top.mykml.getFeatures().getFirstChild();
while(firstChild !== null){                                      
    firstChild = firstChild.getNextSibling();        

and make them visible or not :

for (var i = 0; i <  aLen; i++){
  aName = top.myObjects[i].getName();          
  aFL = (aName.substring(2, 5));    
  if (aFL == '200'){

However, getFeatures isn't available in Maps, and

if ('featureData' in top.mykml) 

returns false.

Is it possible to achive what I want to do, if so how. If not I guess each placemark will have to go in a single file.


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KmlLayer doesn't give you access to the objects on the map.

You have two options that I can think of:

  1. import your KML into FusionTables and use queries to display or hide the Placemarks
  2. use a third party KML parser like geoxml3 or geoxml-v3 that render the KML using native Google Maps Javascript API v3 objects and expose those so you can control them

example using geoxml3

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OK, thanks very much! –  Martin Moore May 21 '13 at 14:54
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