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How to trace nodeunit test using trace.gl

I tried in 3 ways:

  • $ node ~/Dropbox/tracegl.js ./path/To/My/NodeunitTests. And then run my unit test from that directory in another console.

  • $ node ~/Dropbox/tracegl.js `which nodeunit` /path/To/Test/nodeUnitTestFile_test.coffee

  • $ node ~/Dropbox/tracegl.js `which nodeunit` refrence/To/Teset/nodeUnitTestFile_test.coffee -nolib

All 3 ways gives output:

[trace.GL] See your code. This product has a commercial license.

[trace.GL] WebGL trace UI: http://localhost:2000

[trace.GL] Checking for update...[trace.GL] Serving browser JS: http://localhost:2080 up to date.

But when I open url http://localhost:2000 I dont see any tracing information there. Just initial tracegl state. no tracing information from tracegl

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I had the same issue with my code and using tracegl. I had to use the -nolib options to get it working. Give it a try.

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-nolib dont help, the same result for: $ node ~/Dropbox/tracegl.js `which nodeunit` refrence/To/Teset/myNodeUnit_test.coffee -nolib –  efr Jul 3 '13 at 1:49

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