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I have a application in Cakephp 1.3 where I need to integrate latest paypal adaptive payment system. I get code sample from paypal web site for adaptive payment. I get code here https://www.x.com/developers/paypal/products/adaptive-payments after login. It provide me a rest API SDK where I get code for pay with credit card.

require __DIR__ . '/../bootstrap.php'; 
use PayPal\Api\Address; 
use PayPal\Api\Amount; 
use PayPal\Api\CreditCard; 
use PayPal\Api\Payer; 
use PayPal\Api\Payment; 
use PayPal\Api\FundingInstrument; 
use PayPal\Api\Transaction;

$addr = new Address(); 
$addr->setLine1("3909 Witmer Road"); 
$addr->setLine2("Niagara Falls"); 
$addr->setCity("Niagara Falls"); 

$card = new CreditCard(); 

$fi = new FundingInstrument(); 

$payer = new Payer(); 

$amount = new Amount(); 

$transaction = new Transaction(); 
$transaction->setDescription("This is the payment description.");

$payment = new Payment(); 

try { 
catch (\PPConnectionException $ex) 
{ echo "Exception: " . $ex->getMessage() . PHP_EOL; var_dump($ex->getData()); 
exit(1); }

Is there any other easy way do implement adaptive payment with paypal in Cakephp?

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Is the code sample you provided from the REST SDK? You shouldn't be using that if you're trying to use Adaptive Payments. Adaptive Payments doesn't have a direct credit card payment option and that is what the code sample you provided is trying to do.

Here is a direct link to the PHP SDK for Adaptive Payments: https://github.com/paypal/adaptivepayments-sdk-php

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