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I know the name of the table I want to find. I'm using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2005, and I want to search all databases in the database server that I'm attached to in the studio. Is this possible? Do I need to query the system tables?

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As above but use system function not system tables

EXEC sp_MSForEachDB 'USE [?] IF OBJECT_ID(''dbo.mytable'') IS NOT NULL PRINT ''?'''
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You can use the sp_MSforeacheachdb.

sp_MSforeachdb 'IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables WHERE [Name] = ''TableName'') PRINT ''?''';

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use master

DECLARE @db_name varchar(128) DECLARE @DbID int DECLARE @sql_string nvarchar(4000) DECLARE @TableName varchar(30)

Select @TableName = ''

set nocount on

CREATE TABLE [#tblDatabaseName] ( [DbName] [varchar] (128) NOT NULL , [TableName] [varchar] (128) NOT NULL )

declare db_cursor cursor forward_only for

SELECT 	name, DbID 
FROM 	master..sysdatabases
WHERE 	name NOT IN ('northwind', 'pubs')
AND 	(status & 32) <> 32  	   --loading.
AND	(status & 64) <> 64 	   --pre recovery.
AND	(status & 128) <> 128      --recovering.
AND	(status & 256) <> 256      --not recovered.
AND	(status & 512) <> 512 	   --Offline
AND	(status & 32768) <> 32768  --emergency mode.
AND 	DbID > 4

open db_cursor

fetch next from db_cursor into @db_name, @DbID

while @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 begin

set @sql_string = ''
+'	Insert into #tblDatabaseName '
+'	select 	''' + @db_name + ''' as ''DbName'',  '
+' as ''TableName''  '
+'	from 	           [' + @db_name + ']..sysobjects   o with(nolock)  '
+'	where like ''' + @TableName + '''  ' 

execute sp_executesql @sql_string

fetch next from db_cursor into @db_name, @DbID


deallocate db_cursor

select * from #tblDatabaseName

drop table #tblDatabaseName

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sp_MSForEachDB is an undocumented proc that could do this for you. Getting the output out is a little harder so I'll leave that for you.

EXEC sp_MSForEachDB 'USE [?] IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM Sys.Objects WHERE Type = ''U'' AND Name = ''Product'') PRINT ''?'''
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