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The requirements are: several services produce lots of requests with data streams (1-10 megabytes per request) and several consumers process these requests atomically.

So the request data can not be split. The key requirement is that if some consumer fails to process request - this request must be re-injected into queue and sent to different consumer. Processing of single request may take tens of minutes. Consumer may 'die' during the processing, so some sort of task monitoring is required.

I considered so far

but neither of them seems to meet my requirements. Any suggestions?

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Regarding your requirements (> 1 MB per request, processing > 10 minutes) ... is it still messaging?

I would just put it in a database (RDBMS). If polling is not acceptable, I'd consider triggers/stored procedures in the database. Stored procedures written in Scala work perfectly in Oracle and PostgreSql.

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sure it's not a true messaging, but something close enough. I finally decided to go with plain old database. –  jdevelop May 22 '13 at 19:32

I can't say for activemq, but between kafka and storm I would choose storm. It's not clear what do you mean saying fails to process request, but if storm worker fails completely (i.e. doesn't respond to heartbeats) Storm master (nimbus) may reassign the task from dead worker to another (perhaps, on different machine).

See also Understanding the parallelism of a Storm topology

Kafka is a dead simple message broker and without some highlevel coordination it cannot do things you've mentioned out-of-the-box.

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