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I have a Google Map fragment on my android application.

I have markers drawn on the map which represent places of interest and I have an extra functionality that draws a circle on the center with a radius defined by the user.

What I want to do is that only the markers which are contained inside this circle shall be displayed on map. I am using the Circle object, from Google maps Shapes, to draw the circle.

The problem is that, although the center of the circle is defined in Latitude/Longitude coordinates, it's radius is defined in meters. So how can I calculate if a position of a place in LatLng is contained within a radius defined in meters?

Thank you

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All you need is to calculate if two LatLngs are closer to each other than radius.

For that you can use Location.distanceBetween.

See the Circle.contains function here for an example.

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Basically what you are going to have to do is test all points and use ray casting to test the points against sides the circle.

If you find only 1 collision with a side then the point is inside the circle, if you find 2 collisions spots then it is outside the circle.

It sounds intimidating but its not too bad once you understand it

Here is excellent documentation on what is involved. I used a combination of the first and second answer to something similar

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