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This is my second day using VBA and excel.I'd like my macro to automatically copy values from the woksheet "Consulting-for Paracon_aax.xls" for a range "E24"to "Q24" and paste the values to a worksheet named "2014 - XPERT.xlsm" on a range "E9-Q9" in a sheet named Delivery.This is what i've come up with so far.

Sub UpdateLinks()

'open the source workbook and select the source sheet
Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:\Users\desmondm\Desktop\Consulting-for Paracon_aax.xls"


' copy the source range



' select current workbook and paste the value at E9
Workbooks("2014 - XPERT.xlsm").Activate




Application.CutCopyMode = False


End Sub

But the problem with my code is that my macro only copies cell E24 from the Consulting-for Paracon_aax.xls to E9 in the Delivery sheet within the 2014 - XPERT.xlsm wokbook.I'm stuck at trying to make the macro copy from E24 to Q24 in one book and paste the values from E9 to Q9 in the other workbook on the delivery sheet.

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Give this a try, I consolidated a bit for you, but basically you need to specify the full range of cells to copy (previously you were only copying E24.

Sub UpdateLinks()
Dim wbSource As Workbook
Dim wbDestination As Workbook

'open the source workbook and select the source sheet
Set wbSource = Workbooks.Open( _
    Filename:="C:\Users\desmondm\Desktop\Consulting-for Paracon_aax.xls")

'Set the destition workbook variable
Set wbDestination = Workbooks("2014 - XPERT.xlsm")

'copy the source range

'paste the value at E9
wbDestination.Sheets("Delivery").Range("E9:Q9").PasteSpecial (xlPasteValues)

Application.CutCopyMode = False


End Sub

And, a word to the wise :) it is tempting to use Select and Activate methods -- especially when you are new to VBA, because that is how the macro recorder captures your actions, but 99% of the time these are unnecessary, and it's more efficient/better to just use object variables and explicitly refer to them, rather than relying on Selection and ActiveWorkbook or ActiveCell, etc.

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