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So i made a little tool, a console application, that when running on Win7 brings the security box (UAC). i tried to sign this EXE file in VS 2010 using the following steps:

1- project properties
2- signing
3- create new key, as shown below

enter image description here

the key file was successfully created, as you can see in the capture below.

enter image description here


file is still blocked by the security box, and when i check the file whether signed or not using the signtool.exe, it tells me, no signature was found. please correct me if i'm following the wrong steps.

enter image description here

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Assembly signing != Authenticode signing.

To authenticode sign an assembly with signtool, you'll need a code signing certificate from a trusted issuing authority.

You can then issue the following post-build command to sign your executable:

"signtool.exe" sign /f "$(SolutionDir)myCertificate.pfx" /p certPassword /d "description" /du "http://myinfourl" /t "http://timeserver.from.cert.authority/" $(TargetPath)

Everything you need to know about Authenticode Code Signing

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worked fine, also, many parameters are optional in the command above. this is what i used : signtool sign /f MyCert.pfx /p MyPassword MyApp.exe –  joe May 21 '13 at 16:02

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