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I have a call that looks like the following:

$foo = $em->getRepository('MyBundle:Bar')->find($id);

I would like to be able to loop over all of the column/value pairs that get returned into $foo. I have found that in most cases the following call gets me the information I want:

public function getEntityColumnValues($entity, $em){
  $cols = $em->getClassMetadata(get_class($entity))->getColumnNames();
  $values = array();
  foreach($cols as $col){
    $getter = 'get' . $this->underscoreToCamelCase($col, true);
    $values[$col] = $entity->$getter();
  return $values;

Sometimes, however, the entity contains some information that only exists as doctrine association mappings. That info ends out not being set in $values. Is there a way to loop over the values that get set in $foo without getting the class metadata via the getEntityColumnValues() function I have? Maybe there is a way I can enhance my function to get those mappings? Thanks.

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You're on the right way. $em->getClassMetadata(get_class($entity)) provides you the ClassMetadata with all the getters (eg. getAssociationMappings)you may need. Simply take a look at them and feel free to experience.

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Thank you so much! That was exactly what I needed. –  keybored May 21 '13 at 18:33

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