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Okay so I'm building a web app that aggregates entertainment (TV shows, movies, other videos, podcast's ) and it's basically all sorted into genre's recent release etc. now I would like to link to legal places on the internet that you can buy this content ie. apple itunes store, amazon.com, google play and maybe some other's. Now for the itune's store i found this handy called link maker. Now my Problem is that if I have a couple of thousand title's I have to enter each one and then again for each country to get each link... Okay I can write a script php curl or python's scrapy but is there anything similar tool for amazon? Is there a better tool then the one I have altogether for apple? I figured I can't be the first person who's run into this problem and just looking for any help, yes/no's that anyone else has found useful as my last 4 hours of googling has returned fairly little minus the link maker tool. Ideally an api but i'm now doubting those exist

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iTunes offers an API for what you are attempting to do - see the documentation here:

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