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I am starting to us Zoey (based on Zepto) since it seems to be faster and has a smaller footprint than JQuery for mobile apps, but I am having trouble appending dynamic buttons with Zoey.

Creating HTML content and appending buttons inside the function works well (the buttons show with correct css styles), but going thru a loop to add buttons does not (they show up as regular html links, no buttons):

var myOption= ["First option","Second option"]

function createButtons () { 

    $('#myBox').html( "<h2> New Case </h2>"  ); // -->works!
    $('#myBox').append("<p><a href='#' onClick='nextCase(999)' data-role='button' > Reset </a></p>" ) ; // -->works! shows button

    for (i in myOption) {
       $('#myBox').append("<p><a href='#' onClick='nextCase("+i+")' data-role='button' >"+ myOption[i] +"</a></p>" ) ; // --> error! shows html link


I have tried adding append().trigger('create'); like in JQuery but also does not work.

has anyone had similar trouble? Anyone found a solution yet?


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Can you provide a jsfiddle.net example? –  Adrian Lang Jul 27 '13 at 19:32
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