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I'm using Test::More module. If i have a .t file with a bunch of tests (mainly using ok()); how can I make the testcase stop after the first failure. What i'm seeing right now is if the first ok fails; the subsequent ok() cases are still being run.

I looked at using TEST::More::Bail_OUT; but that will stop all testing to stop (meaning other .t files I have) rather than just testing to stop for the particular file.


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Call done_testing() and exit.

ok( first_test(), 'first test' ) or done_testing, exit;
ok( second_test(), 'second test' );

In other cases, you can use the skip function inside a block with a SKIP label.

    ok( first_test ) or skip "useless to run the next 4 tests", 4;
    ok( second_test );
    ok( third_test );
    ok( fourth_test );
    ok( fifth_test );
ok( sixth_test );

The main advantage of skip/SKIP is that it is supported in older versions of Test::More.

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The main advantage of skip is that it doesn't claim that only the last test is failing. –  ikegami May 21 '13 at 17:59
Why not simply die? –  darch May 23 '13 at 21:31
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The Test::More POD mentions Test::Most for better control. Perhaps die_on_fail does what you need.

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