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I am reading files in a directory using :

glob_t* globlist;
// initialization.
glob(pattern, GLOB_ERR | GLOB_BRACE, NULL, globlist);

This works well, but now the order of processing for each file is relevant, so I would like to know if there is a specific ordering for the matches, or if there is none, if it is possible to specify in some way.

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As quoted from the man page here

The pathnames shall be in sort order as defined by the current setting of the LC_COLLATE category;

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By default glob sort the returned names.

From the POSIX reference page:


Ordinarily, glob() sorts the matching pathnames according to the current setting of the LC_COLLATE category; see XBD LC_COLLATE. When this flag is used, the order of pathnames returned is unspecified.

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