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I am thinking about using a slide to unlock control in my app. I know Apple has a patent on it, but do they let their developers use it? If I use this will it get rejected? Has anyone submitted an app with this in there and had it approved?

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Unfortunately, you will get rejected for "mimicry of iOS behavior".

You'll receive a message like this:

We found that your app includes a feature, or features, that mimic an iOS interface or behavior, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Your application includes a slide to unlock type feature. This can lead to user confusion since it mimics the iOS behavior.

It would be appropriate to remove or revise these features to make them distinctly different from the iOS behaviors and interfaces to avoid causing user confusion. While the guideline specifies iPod interfaces, the spirit of the guideline includes all iOS interfaces and behaviors.

Source: Comments from Slide to Unlock in iOS

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hey Dude You might be correct,

As far as i think that you should submit your app if really want to submit it and what i think it would good example that people following apple.then in that case if before submitting app you should write down a mail to apple to intimation purpose.

Show some courage you may get your over App Store. I hope it may helpful

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