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I am validating the existence of a set of field values (Eg: yyy,aaa and ccc) in a table and am using UNION to gather my results, would prefer a more elegant and efficient solution:

TableName: Example_Table

Name | Class

xxx  | CSE <BR>
yyy  | EE  <BR>
zzz  | MECH <BR>
aaa  | CSE  <BR>
bb   | CSE <BR>

My Query:

SELECT  IF(Name  IS NULL,"yyy ","")   
FROM Example_Table where (Name  LIKE '%yyy%') 
(SELECT  IF(Name  IS NULL,"aaa  ","")   
FROM Example_Table where (Name  LIKE '%aaa%')) 
(SELECT  IF(Name  IS NULL,"ccc ","")   
FROM Example_Table where (Name  LIKE '%ccc%'));

I need to know which of the string values I need are not present in the table. The problem is, the table I am using has around thousands of tuples and using UNION seems very costly..

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Looking for strings is never elegant ;) But if you want to shorten up your code, give IN a try. Something similar to...

...WHERE Name IN ('yyy','aaa','ccc')....

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Thanks for reply...but I also need to know which of the strings are present and which are not!! – user1840691 May 21 '13 at 18:02

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