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I was using attach.big.matrix from bigmemory package in R.2.15.3 and it was working fine. By fine, I mean it attaches the matrix in reasonable time (less than 1 min). I upgraded R to 3.0.1 and now attachment is taking too long (more than hour to attach the same matrix. Anyone has any clue how to deal with this?

I could not downgrade R to R.2.15.3 due to lack of instructions. Any answer to either of the questions is really appreciated.


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You really need to show the code that you say now doesn't work. If you can create a reproducible example you'll demonstrate clearly to us (and yourself) that it's a problem caused by versions. –  mdsumner May 21 '13 at 20:52

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In R there's no automatic upgrade/downgrade. You can download previous versions of R from one of the CRAN mirrors (start here and keep looking for previous releases). As an aside, check the package description file to see what version of R it was built under. It seems as well that if you're in Windows there could be potential issues with that package per the latest NEWS bulletin on the CRAN package page here. You could also try the package ff.

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