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I've been looking for a solution for a few weeks now and I didn't find anything yet.

I need to add payment to a website (paypal integration). I want to do this payment with curl. I know Paypal has API but I looked for there and I didn't find solution.

After I got redirect link from the website I Have token and I need function that will do the payment to this token.

I need to know what is that function.

I know Paypal api's (REST and classic) but there isn't any function that can do what I need. (or is there?)

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For starters I recommend buy plugins or libraries that make the work easier... Maybe this library can help you: http://www.binpress.com/app/php-paypal-api-class/20 It's easy to configure and works very well with cURL

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That is a really great lib, but it for seller side. I looking for a lib for client side. I need to approve the payment via PHP. –  user2406703 May 25 '13 at 18:47

If your using a framework something link Omnipay would be good if your dealing with PHP: https://github.com/adrianmacneil/omnipay

Alternatively check out PayPals develop documentation, it's pretty in depth and helpful: https://developer.paypal.com/webapps/developer/docs/

Failing that if you don't want the work of having to build something yourself or your not using a framework, something like the link @Santiago suggested would be a good call. I've used it myself a few time, it comes with some great examples, so you can see it in action and how to use it, plus their support if very good too: http://www.binpress.com/app/php-paypal-api-class/20

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