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I have small SPA test app with Durandal. Also I have very wired issue. First, my folder structure is:
And when structure is like that all works just fine. But if I create structure like

I get error like localhost/App/_users/viewmodels/users.html 404 Not Found. And that happens after user.js are loaded by require.js.

my main.js looks like

   paths: { "text": "../durandal/amd/text" }

define(function (require) {
   var system = require('../durandal/system'),
      app = require('../durandal/app'),
      router = require('../durandal/plugins/router'),
      viewLocator = require('../durandal/viewLocator'),
      logger = require('../logger');


   app.start().then(function () {
      // route will use conventions for modules
      // assuming viewmodels/views folder structure

      // When finding a module, replace the viewmodel string 
      // with view to find it partner view.
      // [viewmodel]s/sessions --> [view]s/sessions.html
      // Otherwise you can pass paths for modules, views, partials
      // Defaults to viewmodels/views/views. 


      // override bad route behavior to write to 
      // console log and show error toast
      router.handleInvalidRoute = function (route, params) {
         logger.logError('No route found', route, 'main', true);

I assume that this issue has something with router.useConvention(); or with viewLocator.useConvention(); but simple can't find any reason for that kind of behavior.

Any help, suggestion, idea how to solve this?


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This is because of the behavior of the view locator, which by defaults looks for views/viewmodels in the first structure you describe.

You can easily change this behavior by supplying your own view locator function, or by calling useConvention() like this useConvention(modulesPath, viewsPath, areasPath)

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Thanks, but that useConvention() or doesn't work or I just don't know what exactly to put there. If I put there something like useConvention('_users/viewmodels', '_users/views') then app.setRoot('viewmodels/shell'); doesn't works and then I get error 404 Not Found - localhost/App/_users/viewmodels/shell.html". If I put just .useConvention('viewmodels', 'views');, then again get localhost/App/_users/viewmodels/users.html 404 Not Found. So, this is very confusing and if I move my user.html from views folder to viewfolder then all forks. But get slightly different debug messages. – dewebeloper May 22 '13 at 7:44
Use useConvention('_users/viewmodels', '_users/views', '_users/views') and app.setRoot('_users/viewmodels/shell'). That should work. Remember, any time you reference a viewmodel you must still use the full moduleid path, which is the path from the App folder. – Tyrsius May 22 '13 at 15:44
Thanks, but that still does not working. When I apply your suggestion then I get "NetworkError: 404 Not Found - localhost/App/_users/_users/viewmodels/shell.js" – dewebeloper May 23 '13 at 8:57
I just noticed in your first comment that the 404 was looking for viewmodels/shell.html which is obviously not going to be there, it should be looking for the html in views. Are you sure you didn't switch the parameters the first time? Can you try useConvention('_users/viewmodels', '_users/views', '_users/views') then app.setRoot('viewmodels/shell') again? – Tyrsius May 23 '13 at 16:59

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