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I need to pass the Id value to my controller to execute the action. Currently this is what I have in my controller.

    def StartServer() {
    amazonWebService.ec2.startInstances(new StartInstancesRequest([InstanceToStart]))
    redirect action: index()

The InstanceToStart value will come from the view. In my view I have a table with the following columns, Id and button:

i-333dced <Button>
i-dhdhdhd <Button>
i-er32ws  <Button>

When I press the button I want the Id to pass and then execute my action. My button code is as follows:

  <g:link action="StartServer">
  <input type="button" value="Start Server" class="stopimg" id="startServer"/>
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Use anyone from above according to your need. I bet you will also get samples/questions/answers here in SO related to the same requirement if you search.

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I used the create link and did something like this, <a class="runimg" href="${createLink(controller: 'AmazonEc2Controller', action: 'start', id: i.Id)}">Start Server</a>, however it is directing me to the start action rather than executing the start action. –  Test User May 22 '13 at 16:00
I didn't get that, "directing to action but not executing it". When it is directed to the action then action should be in control what and how to execute. Take a look at what is returned from the action. Whether anything is returned or is any kind of rendering/redirect done? Plus, you should use AmazonEc2 as controller name instead of AmazonEc2Controller. –  dmahapatro May 22 '13 at 16:48

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