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I'm trying to start a server process (storescp, from dicom toolkit) and a file system watcher (via inotifywait) from a shell script. Here's what I have so far.



#watch the input directory
inotifywait -m -e close_write "$INFOLDER" | while read dicomfile
mv "$INFOLDER""dicomfile"  "$OUTFOLDER""$dicomfile"


# start the storescp server
storescp -v -od $INFOLDER 104

But inotifywait appears to be a blocking call (sorry, i'm coming at this from a javascript event driven kind of experience; I don't have much experience with Bash scripts).. is it possible to start my server and inotifywait in the same script? how?

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I solved it by using the & operator, like in question How do you run multiple programs from a bash script?

Seems to be just the thing!

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